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Top 10 Business Schools of India

"Top 10 Business Schools"

Delhi, FMS, Hyderabad, IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore, IIM-Calcutta,
IIM-Indore, IIM-Lucknow, ISB, Jamshedpur, JBIMS, SP Jain, XLRI

Indian Business Schools (B-Schools) such as the IIMs are world famous
for the quality of students they churn out year on year. They have
historically the highest number of students who become enterpreneurs
in their professional life. Here’s our list of the Top Business
Schools in the country.


    This mecca of management education retains its numero uno position for
years. No other B-school in the country exerts the kind of pull that
IIM-A does on wannabe MBAs and recruiters alike. Though many other
schools have caught up with IIM-A on some of the parameters on which
the B-schools are judged, they lack its brand appeal.


IIM-B differs from IIM-A in that it lacks the latter's sublime appeal.
Its brand equity lies in its top-notch facilities and an excellent
faculty. For instance, it has one of the best-stocked libraries in
this part of the world; it has over 1.83 lakh titles and subscribes to
over 4,180 journals.


Everything in Calcutta may have changed to Kolkata, but not IIM-C,

which continues to sport the ‘Calcutta’ tag. The institute's USP is
its excellent placement record as well as teaching techniques that are
meant to give a solid foundation to students in general management
along with analytical and quantitative skills. The IIM-C faculty also
produces extensive amount of research papers, living up to the
standards of the best B-schools in the world.


IIM-L may not have the appeal of the A, B, and C of IIMs, but when it
comes to teaching management, it does as well as any of its iconic
peers. But its biggest USP is its integration with business. Apart
from consultancy, IIM-L offers one of the best management development
programmes (MDPs) because of its close links with different

    XLRI, Jamshedpur:-

Thanks to the growing importance of HR management, at which XLRI
excels, this B-School reflects in the top 5 category.

    ISB, Hyderabad:-

In less than 10 years since starting out in 2001, ISB has become one
of the best B-schools not just in India but on the world stage as
well. With its swank campus, an extremely popular one-year residential
programme taught by an international faculty, excellent career
progression for mid-level executives, chance to build connections with
a powerful alumni network and jaw-dropping starting salaries of its
graduates the institute is headed in only one direction: up

FMS, Delhi:-

Apart from its regular two-year MBA course, Faculty of Management
Studies' USP has been its programme for working executives that it has
been running successfully since long before one-year programmes came
into vogue. If it were not for the limitations that being a department
of a university imposes on it, FMS would certainly finish in the top


Its two-year management programme is rated highly by aspiring MBAs as
well as functional heads. Its USP are its modern teaching techniques,
a fully electronic library with state-of-the-art applications and
latest information technology tools on its campus.

    S P Jain:-

In its newly released 2011 ranking, the Financial Times (FT) of London
has ranked S P Jain’s Global MBA Program as 9th Best in Asia
(overall), 2nd Best for Value for Money, 3rd Best for Placement
Success and 4th Best for International Mobility.

    Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (JBIMS):-

In the contemporary era, where Globalization and Liberalization are
the buzz words, the Institute is known for providing one of the best
management education in India and ranked in Asia’s Top 25 business
schools by Asia Inc.

Radha Yadav [MBA ]
HR Manager






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