Sunday, 15 December 2013


ISIM  On Line Training

Please Note before you start.

[1] Use only Google Chrome 
Chrome Browser 

Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology.

[2] Download GTalk 

Google Talk
Google Talk software. Chat from your desktop; Send and receive files. The easiest way for a SEO developer to grow his/her network.

[3] Add Following Ids on GTalk for Assistance

[4] Please use same Profile Picture for all Ids. 

Creation of 8 Official Email ids + Social Media Ids 
On Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, MySpace
ids creation On +

[5] Use Only Notepad [.txt files ] for synopsis

[6] Download Picasa for Windows 

[7] Submission of 8 Blogs daily. 4 blogs can be chosen by you on any subjects of your wish and for remaining 4 blogs , choose from the subject lines given below : 

a. How a person cam make money by Work At Home
b. Forex trading 
c. Stcok Market
d. The world of Airplanes
e. Mobile Reviews
f. Movie Reviews
g. The importance of E-books for SEO
h. Gambling ( Casino - Is it wrong or right ?)
i. Online gaming sites
j. Android / Jave technology
k. Tools and Techniques of Internet Marketing
l. Loans / Finance/ Insurance
m. Banking 
o. Think Out of The Box
p. Fashion and Beauty Tips

For an example on these blogs , you may follow our bloggers :

Create Email Ids in the following :

Please make following Official Ids
[ Only Copy and Paste No Typing again ] 

Gmail Ids : [ Pri] [Sec ]
-------------------------------------- [ Pri]
-------------------------------------- [ Pri]
-------------------------------------- [ Pri]
Comman Password for all Ids 
[ Should be comb of Alpha Numeric]
[ Only Copy and Paste No Typing again ] 
Auto Reply & Signature 
[ Plz activate in all Ids ] 

Er YourName Your Surname [ your Designation ] 
ISIM SEO cum Blogger
On Line Assistence :
Gtalk :
Y! Messenger :
Rediff Bol :
Importance of secondary and primary Ids.
Google or any of the search engines can disable your account any time . So this is the most important thing for any blogger or SEO developer to keep a back up of everything ready in the unwanted and undesirable situations .

*beware of hackers and untrusted sites.
Make Your Bio  ( if interested make your Video Bio , this will increase your value 10 times , which you will understand as you proceed further in your training. ) 

See Example :

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