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Q. What Qualities a Person should have to become a BA ?

a. This work is only for those who are Passionate about their work and ready to 

Work 24*7.

b.Online work requires a lot of patience and understanding because of its some of 

the Limitations ( like power cut, network problem, miscommuncation or 

communication gap, etc. ) So,the person should be wise and able to handle these 

situations with lot of patience.

Q : What is the basic Eligibility Criteria for the Partnership?
The person should be 22 years and above with good writing skills. 
Preferably a graduate.

Q : Do I have to come to your office for work?
No. You can work from home, college or from anywhere you like. We just need that 

you create minimum of 60 pages of content each month. You can work from anywhere 

you like, any time you like. No restrictions. Though we would like you to visit 

our office once every year for the performance awards ceremony.

Q : What sort of help and support you provide?
When we get into a partnership, we train you on how to write your content 

optimized for the web. Then, our support person will be available on GTalk 

Messenger between 1130 AM to 0230, Monday to Friday , to help you with any type of 

query you have. This support is presently free of cost.

Q. How long a blog should be ?

The length of each blog should be approx. 200 to 500 words depending on the topic 

you are writing on.

Q. Who will decide the topics for a blog ?

The subjects for a blog will be decided in prior according to your choice and 

interest. The topics are not a boundation from our side, but sometimes we can 

decide the topics mutually as per the reader's demands and requirements.

You can check out these links for our current bloggers :

Q. When sholud I make payments ?

You need to pay before your training starts through payment details as described 

above. And if after 2 weeks training you want to discontinue then we'll refund 

your money back deducting Rs. 450 as training fees.

Q : How much can I earn?
Earnings depends on what you plan to write on and how well you can write your 

content. If you are regularly writing around 200 articles a month, we are sure 

that at the end of the first year you would be making a handsome money. If you 

write more, you will earn more. When you earn more, we will earn more and we will 

invest more in marketing. On an Average a Blogger can Earn in the range of INR 

2000 to INR 40,000 per month if She make minimum 5 - 10 good quality Blogs per 

day. This Earning will increase month by month as If 1st month you are earning 

from 300 Blog Posts next month you will earn from 500 or 600 Blogs.

Q. How should I start my work ?
To start working, you can fill the application form (available at and send us with a small investment of Rs. 

7000. Out of which Rs. 5000 is the refundable amount.

Q : Why do you take refundable deposit?
We put a lot of resources, money and energy into each of the webBlogs we partner
form. We want to make sure that we reach only the people who are really serious 
about it. This refundable depoBlogs is to make sure that the person is really 
serious about writing and is going to write minimum of 200 articles (on average 

over the period) every month.

Q. How much will I earn ?
This concept is purely based on revenue sharing which will have following 
criteria :

For first 5 months : Rs. 2000 per month or 40% of the revenue generated from your 

Blogs which ever is higher.
For next 7 months : 40% of the revenue generated from your blogs.
From 2nd Year onwards : 50% of the revenue generated from your Blogs.

Q. How will I Generate Revenues ?

There are many ways of revenue generation which we will make you learn in the 

initial 2 weeks training.

The two important ways are :

Firstly , By increasing the number of hits [ TRP] on your Blogs by promotions of 

them on various social media . For this we will credit your account by Rs. 100 for 

every 1000 Hits on ypur Blogs.

Secondly, through Advertisements which you will get on your Blogs.

Q. How will we divide our work ?
Your work will be writing Minimum 4-10 blogs per day (200-500 words ) or 100 blogs 

per month and promotions of those Blogs on Social Medias.

Our work will be publishing your blogs under your name and promoting it on our 

more than 500 sites. Also , all the expenses regarding this will be borne by us.

Q. What is your main motive behind this concept of BA ?

Our Main aim is not to earn from our Business Associates but to include them in 

one of our Biggest upcoming project - "Virtual B-school "

Q : Are there any multiple Blogs options ? 
What if I want to create two Blogss and want to write for those two?
For the first Blogs, you pay INR 5,000 refundable deposit and INR 2,000 yearly 

For any Blogss after that, you pay only only INR 2,000 refundable deposit 
and INR 1,000 yearly fee.

Q : Upto what time this residual income can flow in ? 
What happens in case of retirement ? 
What happens in case of death of the person?
The residual income can keep coming in till you are making your fee payments every
year, year after year. In case of retirement, you are free to decide to write no 
more. In that case if you are still paying fee, the earnings will still keep 
coming to you. In case of death, the service can be moved to your nominee.

Q : What is your Exit Policy?
You can exit from the partnership anytime after 12 months with full refundable 
amount, considering that you have created minimum of 50 unique articles on 
average per month. If you has not done a minimum of 50 unique articles a month, 
still you can exit with 75% refund of the total refundable amount. After 2 years, 
you can exit any time with full refund.


Surbhi Maheshwari [MBA Fin / Mktg ] 
Manager Finance
On Line Assistence :

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