Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Modern way of Marketing

My Book Name is" Modern way of Marketing" I wrote this book to express all new  way of Marketing.Now a days Techonology is increase day by day so there is need to increse marketing areas also. 
This is the first book on welfare economics to be primarily intended for All Marketing Person. It explores such concepts as Old Marketing, the compensation criterion, and the social welfare function, and analyzes market failures using different ways of measuring welfare changes. The book covers public choice, and the issues of efficient provision of public goods, government failures, and efficient and optimal taxation, concluding with an examination of applied welfare economics, methods for revealing people's preferences, cost-benefit analysis, and project evaluation in a risky world.

This book attempts in answering all general question that provide information about such fields-:
-Concepts of Marketing
-Concepts of Modern Marketing
-Tools of Marketing
-BSB Bussiness
-Online marketing

And most importent ,the book enlightens-
-The Picture of Old markerting and New marketing.
-Some joke on marketing.
-Some Stores of marketing.

Contents of book
-Concepts of marketing
-Concepts of modern marketing
-Tools of modern marketing
-Online shopping
-Viral marketing
- Example of Naad construction 

Mirgaya Thakur[MBA HR]
Management Trainee

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